A downloadable audio/video toy for Windows and macOS

foundation. a low resolution visual/audible noise generator.
built for #LOWREZJAM 2016

i wanted to learn more about working with jitter and programming for visual display.

8 banks of visual / audible presets

probably requires that you have quicktime installed (this is a security concern for windows users - should have a build without quicktime dependency in an update sometime in late May).



spacebar: close

escape: fullscreen / not fullscreen

keys [1 - 8]: change visual/audio bank

keys [qwer asdf]: change audio preset within bank

keys [ju ki lo ;p]: change visual parameters along 4 axes mapped per bank

keys [-/=]: change scale of display when in windowed mode

looks like

audio won't capture, so you'll have to run it and press the buttons for yrself if you want to hear the noises.

i'll probably expand on this a little after the jam - by the time i finished making the system itself, there was very little time left to make the audio/visual content (like 2.5 hours). then i accidentally deleted all my visual presets about 30 minutes before the deadline and had to rush to recreate what i could. lessons learned.

Install instructions

hopefully runs by just dropping the uncompressed folder on yr desktop. may need to tell yr os that you trust me and want to run this thing.


foundation-windows.zip 32 MB
foundation-osx.zip 52 MB

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