A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

practice [version 0.01]
- a simple music practice utility software by dirt_mound
- optional random root note generator for practice with modulating key signature or playing along to arbitrary chord progressions

- variable bpm metronome
- randomly selected root bass notes

- space bar to start/stop
- usearrow keys up/down for tempo adjust; left/right for beat adjust
- click and drag over bpm or beats boxes to adjust with mouse
- edit -> "Audio Setup" to configure your audio driver
- "save configuration and close" to prevent needing to setup again

Install instructions

unzip the compressed folder to a place on your computer's hard drive where your user has write permissions. double-click the executable (exe or app), edit -> Audio Setup to configure your audio output then "save configuration and close" to make sure your setup is saved for next time. if you use osx, you may need to right-click or option-click the file on first run to force the dialogue box to bypass the operating system's lockout on unsigned applications.


practice-v01-osx.zip 28 MB
practice-v01-windows.zip 10 MB

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